Queenslake Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place for Lexington and Georgetown visitors to come with spectacular and peaceful surroundings and a delicious breakfast. Enjoy the view of our 3 lakes (40 acres total) and our green and grassy hills from the personal balcony in your room. We hope you like comfort because we have cloud-like queen-sized beds, high thread count sheets, warm blankets and feather pillows. But before you fall sound asleep, do some channel surfing with DirecTV's expansive channel variety - and if you happen to miss your favorite part of your favorite show, just rewind! Even though it sounds impossible, it gets better. Wake up from your deep sleep to get some tasteful breakfast and maybe even play a game of pool before you begin your day. How do you make an amazing day happen? By starting it off with a fantastic night and morning. So next time you're in Georgetown or Lexington, stop on by for a night and partake in the spectacular bed and breakfast opportunity at Queenslake!