The residence on the property is private
We ask that you respect our privacy and not to knock or enter
Only if legitimately necessary, call the owners at (702) 885-1263
No smoking anywhere on farm property
No intoxication or drug use
No guns allowed on property
No yelling or running on property (especially in barns)
Notify management of professional visits to prevent delays at the gate
Drive slowly on property for the safety of horses, riders, pets and pedestrians
Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times
Any abuse or antagonizing of any farm animals will warrant your removal from the property
No swimming or boating on lake unless you have farm owners' permission
Borrowing items without the owner's permission and knowledge is not allowed
If you do have permission, return items exactly where you found them

Horse Farm

All riders or persons handling a horse must sign a waiver before riding and/or boarding any horses in any way
Boarders are responsible for having guests sign waivers which are available in the office
Visiting pets must be approved and leashed or in a pet run and are always the responsibility of the pet owner
Horses must go back in their designated stall
Ride in the same direction or left to left shoulder if approaching someone in arenas
All boarders, trainers, instructors, students and staff are required to wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet when mounted on a horse
Long pants and riding boots with a heel must be worn for riding
Please do not give treat to horses other than your own, unless approved the horse's owner
Fines will apply if you do not clean up after your horse and yourself
There are trash containers, shovels, brooms and muck buckets available for the disposal of manure, shedded hair, hoof cleanings and general refuse in the aisle, wash stall, indoor and/or outdoor arena and outdoor grounds
Pick up manure from arenas and workout areas before you leave
Close all stalls, gates and doors behind you and turn off the lights
If you find them open or on, please close and turn them off
Only the owner of the horse may ride the horse
If the owner wishes to have another person ride their horse, please notify the office and have the additional rider fill out a release of liability form (also available online)
Owner must leave a note on file allowing permission to additional rider(s) by name in order to ride their horse
Minors need a note from their parent/guardian granting permission for them to ride
Please do not leave your horse unattended in any area including riding arena
Pre-approved visiting horses must provide management with vaccination records and up-to-date neg Coggins before entering the property's gates